Tag! I’m it!

Hi everybody, it’s Mojo.

It’s been a week since Sebastian went to the Rainbow Bridge – it’s been a ruff week, but there are moments where I think he’s been back a few times even though I can’t see him. The other day I went for a walk around Sebastian’s favorite pond. We couldn’t go very often when he got sick, but we went the last day he was with us and he loved it so much.

Anyway, so I saw something move across the park and I took off – I chased a squirrel to a tree – but when I stopped and looked up, I couldn’t believe what I saw (if you look closely, there were 5 squirrels in one tree!)














Sebastian and I would have gone crazy with that many squirrels in one tree – I wished he was there with me – After my dad told me I did a good job, we started walking and I look to my right and what do I see?

My dad says that rainbows form over most waterfalls, but in that moment, I felt that 5 squirrels were no accident – the squirrels and now the rainbow were signs from Sebastian.  We’ve been to the pond several times now and we see the rainbow every time. 🙂

And then the other day this happened – I know you’ve all seen the video where Sebastian would sneak up from behind me and we would play tag, so when I thought I was all alone in the backyard, I was getting ready to come inside and I swore someone came up from behind me (watch as I suddenly turn around). I knew it was Sebastian “tagging me”.  He got me.

Well, I better get going for now.

Until then, miss you Sebastian! And you’re it!




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6 Responses to Tag! I’m it!

  1. paws120 says:

    Oh yes!! I just knew it would happen Mojo, I knew it! I watched both videos and you are all over it 😚 Oh and he sent you rainbows and squirrels too!! I know that must have made your pawrents smile right along with you. And we all know that it made his day to be able to nose you and make you jump like that! Sending you all big hugs ❤️
    Jackie and Huck

  2. benny55 says:

    You nailed it Mojo!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 You got the signs and didn’t doubt them for a second-! You are such a wise pup! 🙂

    And just to add an exclamation point Sebastian’s signs, in some ancient philosophy, the number FIVE represents the union between heaven and earth. Sebastian used those squirrels tpand beautiful Rainbow to make his point that he’s still with you AND he’s feeling so fit and happy and playful! 🙂

    I also watched the video a couple of times just to soak it all in. Sebastian definitely tagged your butt, and then you took a roll with him in the grass……..sweeeet!

    We all enjoy your updates so much. They make us smile as we celebrate the joyous lives you and Sebastian shared…….AND CONTINUE TO SHARE!

    Lots of love!

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  3. cvb5 says:

    I’m so glad Sebastian has come to visit you Mojo! I know it’s been tough without him, but it sounds like you’re helping your pawrents along. Big Hugs,
    Camille & Otis

  4. benny55 says:

    PS…..Love your blog “banner”‘photos. Pure happiness 🙂

  5. benny55 says:

    And looky @ooky! Sebastian was stylin’ red yesterday and now looking sharp in vibrant blue!! 🙂 He sure knows how to wear colors well! 🙂

    • Yep! I bought a collage maker so I could put collage pictures of Sebastian and Mojo on my computer/cellphone, and then found that I can create multiple banners as well. There’s a feature on Sebastian’s blog that allows for randomized blog headers.

      I think I made 2-3 of him so far, so everytime you hit refresh or visit the page, you could see a new banner. I’ll probably create a couple more for him now that I know how to do it, lol.

      Each banner allows me to create a theme, just like you noticed – one is red, another is blue, another is Sebastian laying around… lots of possiblities for future banners. Just another way to keep his spirit amongst us here.

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