Sebastian did it again! 

Hi everyone!

As some of you know, my pawrents began looking for a new friend for me. They told me they were exploring a couple options. They found someone who has goldendoodle puppies, but they usually have 4-12 month waiting lists. My dad started the process with a hope we could find someone for the summer months.

He looked through the current litter listing to get an idea of what he thought would be a good addition. He saw a couple male puppies that seemed to be amazing! Only problem was that the litter was already completely spoken for.  And there was also a waiting list. For whatever reason, he still felt compelled to send a shot in the dark email and ask if he could be put on the waiting list… just in case something crazy happened.

And then something crazy happened.

The next day my dad got an email and was told someone dropped off the previous night and the people on the waiting list in front of him had decided to wait until a future litter. He was told there was a chance that even though we would have the last pick, that a boy would be available based on initial preferences of the other pawrents.  My dad wanted a boy because he says I’m still his princess puppy girl doggie.

So when my pawrents went today during their pick time, there was just one puppy left. When they walked in, it took the puppy exactly one second to race over and start licking them in their faces as if he had just been reunited with a long lost family member. It was almost as if that puppy had been prepped on who was coming.

And even though they had the last pick, they were were able to get their boy. We think his name is going to be Chewbacca – “Chewy” for short.  And his name matches his personality so far. Uh-oh!

But looking back – there were so many things that had to work out perfectly for us to find Chewy. Too many things for it to be considered just luck.  This had someone’s fingerprints all over it…


This had someone’s pawprints all over it.

Sebastian did it again!


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Birthday Star

Mojo here…

Today is my big brother Sebastian’s birthday (mine too, lol). We are now 7 years old. I got up and went into the sunroom at 2:00am this morning to be the first person to wish him happy birthday.

I spent the day remembering the good times. Here is an example of one of those times with him and my dad. Sebastian was always so funny like this.

They say the star that burns twice as bright burns out twice as fast… and Sebastian was/is among the brightest stars ever!

Happy Birthday Sebastian. We love you!

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Long days…

Hi everyone, Mojo here…

It’s been a long couple of weeks. The days seemingly last forever now, which stands in contrast to the days before Sebastian went to the Bridge. Those days flew by way too fast.

Some of the neighbors noticed it has been really quiet when they walk by now. I hear them, but without my best big brother, it’s not the same. I guess my big brother was my source of courage to feel confident to guard the yard. Even when he was sick and stayed inside, I could do it by myself, because I knew he was right there just in case. But now…

My pawrents said something about getting me another friend to help Sebastian watch over me during the day. You know, it might be nice to have a new friend.  So we’ll see if that happens. Paws crossed???

Well, I better get going for now, but just wanted to let everyone know that we are still here and support all the tripawds. My dad and I see so many inspiring blogs on here. Keep up the good work everyone!

Ruff, Ruff!!


PS – Just wanted to say a special thank you to Sally and Jackie – Sally always made my big brother smile and laugh with her comments and he said Jackie was always super supportive, even when things weren’t going well. You guys are always appreciated – you both are pawesome!

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Tag! I’m it!

Hi everybody, it’s Mojo.

It’s been a week since Sebastian went to the Rainbow Bridge – it’s been a ruff week, but there are moments where I think he’s been back a few times even though I can’t see him. The other day I went for a walk around Sebastian’s favorite pond. We couldn’t go very often when he got sick, but we went the last day he was with us and he loved it so much.

Anyway, so I saw something move across the park and I took off – I chased a squirrel to a tree – but when I stopped and looked up, I couldn’t believe what I saw (if you look closely, there were 5 squirrels in one tree!)














Sebastian and I would have gone crazy with that many squirrels in one tree – I wished he was there with me – After my dad told me I did a good job, we started walking and I look to my right and what do I see?

My dad says that rainbows form over most waterfalls, but in that moment, I felt that 5 squirrels were no accident – the squirrels and now the rainbow were signs from Sebastian.  We’ve been to the pond several times now and we see the rainbow every time. 🙂

And then the other day this happened – I know you’ve all seen the video where Sebastian would sneak up from behind me and we would play tag, so when I thought I was all alone in the backyard, I was getting ready to come inside and I swore someone came up from behind me (watch as I suddenly turn around). I knew it was Sebastian “tagging me”.  He got me.

Well, I better get going for now.

Until then, miss you Sebastian! And you’re it!




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My best friend

Ruff, ruff! This is Mojo. My brother Sebastian gave me his account information and told me I could stay in touch with everyone. He said you guys were good people and he told me that I was an honorary Tripawd.

I have to admit, I miss him already. He told me he was going to the Rainbow Bridge and get everything set up and that he’ll be waiting for all of us, but he needed me to stay with the family.

My pawrents are doing a good job of keeping me busy, but I have snuck into the front room several times and looked out the window, hoping against hope he would come running up the driveway, but I know.

But I also know he’s my best friend. Not was. Is.  Sebastian is the best big brother anyone could ever have. My dad helped me create this video tribute to Sebastian.

I’ll check in from time to time and help support all the tripawds of the world. Sebastian may not have had a long time, but he lived life to the max and I hope this video can be an inspiration to others.


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