Quick update

This will be a quick update – I’m still in early stages of recovery, but the combination of Dr. Loops remedies, new diet and artemisinin has allowed me to have moments where I feel like I used to before my surgery. Here’s a quick video of me enjoying some fresh air!

Talk to everyone soon!

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Big weekend for Sebastian – Go Canes!

I’ve had quite the weekend – I got my stitches out on Saturday morning and I am now done with my pain meds. And then last night my favorite team won their biggest game since I’ve been alive! It was great. I was so excited that this morning, I hopped along the fence and barked at the people on the walking path for the first time since before my surgery! My pawrents were so happy that I was barking and protecting the house, they gave me lots of pats today!

I have started my 1/2 raw diet – I get Darwin’s and I wolfed down my morning portions with the quickness! I don’t think I have had any issues with digestion – although my pawrents are taking it easy and only giving me one patty for breakfast. Eventually I will get a patty and a half – can’t wait!

For lunch, I am now getting Kirkland Signature Nature’s Domain canned food (it has low carbs and good protein/fat) with some vitamin C, vitamin E and some glucosamine mixed in so I don’t even know it’s there. I scarfed down two cans today for lunch. My pawrents ordered some salmon fish oil so I will start taking that this week too.

I am also in my second week of taking my homeopathic remedies twice a day (thank you Dr. Loops!) and I am also taking artemisinin and butyrex and vitamin D at night time.  My pawrents say they will give me some cottage cheese after I take my pills. I don’t like taking pills, but I’ll deal with it, lol.

Talk to you guys later – and Go Canes!

Oh, before I forget, here is a pic of me and my little sister Mojo – we take lots of dog naps while everyone is gone, so that way we have lots of energy when they get home. 

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My first blog

My name is Sebastian and I am a Golden Doodle. I got my name from the mascot of my favorite team, the Miami Hurricanes. I live with my twin sister Mojo and we live in Texas. A couple weeks ago I was diaganosed with probable Osteosarcoma. Instead of waiting to do a bone biopsy, my pawrents made the courageous decision to amputate. I was tired/sore/groggy for the first few days, but I’m feeling better now.

Today I got the news that I do have osteosarcoma. It is the chondroblastic-type of osteosarcoma and I was staged at grade 1. We are going the homeopathic route and we are working with a vet in North Carolina that has experience with cases like mine.

I will use this blog to let everyone know how I’m doing. My Miami Hurricanes are doing really great this fall and I’m going to give this my best fight so I can watch as many games as I can.

Thanks for visiting and I will post pictures and updates often!

‘Til next time – Ruff, ruff!

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