My favorite things

We got some bad news the other day – the vet says I have lung mets now. There are about 6-8 of them that they can see. They said something about nearing the end of time and that we need to start making preparations for my trip to the Rainbow Bridge.

Honestly, I’m not sure what all that means, I just want to let everyone know that I am still living in the moment and having fun with my pawrents and my favorite things…

For example, here I am playing with my ball. I am perfectly content playing with my ball. I used to love to fetch it, and I occasionally still want to chase after it, but I have found that I enjoy just hanging out and playing with my ball in one spot.

I’m not sure how many more posts I will be able to do, but in case I have to leave for the Rainbow Bridge before my next post, just know I really appreciate all of you joining me on my journey and I’ll wait patiently on the other side of the Bridge so we can play together with some of my favorite things again.


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Knock on wood diet

Hey everyone,

Last week was a little ruff, this week has been better. My antibiotic seems to be working – I’m not oozing anymore and I have lots of energy! I want to go outside and play, but my pawrents are taking it easy with me after this last infection.

I know everyone is different, but I thought I would just share what my pawrents give to me as part of my new regime.

Approximately 5:00am – Cell Salt
15 minutes later – Dr. Loops remedy of the day (I alternate between 3 different remedies)
15-30 minutes later – breakfast (Darwin’s raw food)
Vitamin C and Vitamin E supplement (this is for the artemisinin program)

Approximately 12:30 pm – dinner (2 cans of Kirkland Signature Nature’s Domain – this is a link to the review on
Curcumin, Salmon Oil and Transfer Factor Canine Complete Formula mixed in
Vitamin C and Vitamin E supplement (this is for the artemisinin program)

Approximately 5:00pm – Cell Salt
15 minutes later – Dr. Loops remedy of the day

Approximately 7:30-8:00pm – Artemisinin (1), Artemix (1), Butyrex (2) and Vitamin D (1) with cottage cheese/ricotta cheese. My pawrents discovered I don’t like taking pills, and when I caught on to their trick of mixing pills with cottage cheese, I started turning my nose at the cottage cheese (so be careful about mixing medicine in a favorite food). So now my pawrent has to gently make sure I take my pills with cottage cheese, but after we are done, he gives me a couple big spoonful of ricotta cheese on a separate paper plate. YUMMY!!!

I know I talk about me alot, but I would like to take a moment and give a shout out to my baby sister Mojo – We’ve been through everything together. We came from the same litter – when our Pawrents couldn’t decide between the two of us, they took us both! We are thankful they did! She is always there with me and for me.  Here are a couple pictures of Mojo being there for me during some of my ruff days.

Mojo was so happy when I first came back home from the amputation – you can see she is smiling!

This is her staying near me during my last infection.

This is nothing new for her – even going way back… this is us when we first came home together (Mojo is cuddled on top of me) – as you can see, she’s always been there, with me and for me.

So knock on wood, we are hopeful this regime will allow me to keep hanging out with my fams and especially my baby sister Mojo.

Alright, time to head out for now, talk to you all soon – ruff, ruff!


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Ruff weekend – but peace of mind.

Hi guys,

As you might have seen on the forums, I had a ruff weekend – first my Miami Hurricanes lost. That was tough, we were so close to finishing undefeated, but I’m going to fight this cancer so I can watch them win it all next season.

Anyway, after that debacle, I woke up Saturday morning and my owner took me in to the vet since I was bleeding. It didn’t faze me too much, but my pawrents were a little nervous. I liked meeting a bunch of new people.

I spent the rest of the weekend chilling out – it was so nice out, but since I now have staples in again, I have to watch my activity level.

Today everyone had to go back to work/school, so it’s just me and my sister Mojo just hanging out. Anyway, my pawrents can keep their eye on me using their Arlo Q wireless cameras they have setup. They bought 4 of them and have them strategically placed downstairs so they can see me where ever I go downstairs. Most of the time, I’m in the front room looking out the window, waiting for them to come back! lol.

Anyway, I’m not a spokesperson for Arlo, but my pawrents got them on sale at Best Buy for $129/each (regularly priced between 179-199/each). My pawrents say they have a little peace of mind when they have to work.

Here’s another quick pic of me and my sister on Friday before the infection hit.

Til next time – ruff, ruff!



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Quick update

This will be a quick update – I’m still in early stages of recovery, but the combination of Dr. Loops remedies, new diet and artemisinin has allowed me to have moments where I feel like I used to before my surgery. Here’s a quick video of me enjoying some fresh air!

Talk to everyone soon!

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Big weekend for Sebastian – Go Canes!

I’ve had quite the weekend – I got my stitches out on Saturday morning and I am now done with my pain meds. And then last night my favorite team won their biggest game since I’ve been alive! It was great. I was so excited that this morning, I hopped along the fence and barked at the people on the walking path for the first time since before my surgery! My pawrents were so happy that I was barking and protecting the house, they gave me lots of pats today!

I have started my 1/2 raw diet – I get Darwin’s and I wolfed down my morning portions with the quickness! I don’t think I have had any issues with digestion – although my pawrents are taking it easy and only giving me one patty for breakfast. Eventually I will get a patty and a half – can’t wait!

For lunch, I am now getting Kirkland Signature Nature’s Domain canned food (it has low carbs and good protein/fat) with some vitamin C, vitamin E and some glucosamine mixed in so I don’t even know it’s there. I scarfed down two cans today for lunch. My pawrents ordered some salmon fish oil so I will start taking that this week too.

I am also in my second week of taking my homeopathic remedies twice a day (thank you Dr. Loops!) and I am also taking artemisinin and butyrex and vitamin D at night time.  My pawrents say they will give me some cottage cheese after I take my pills. I don’t like taking pills, but I’ll deal with it, lol.

Talk to you guys later – and Go Canes!

Oh, before I forget, here is a pic of me and my little sister Mojo – we take lots of dog naps while everyone is gone, so that way we have lots of energy when they get home. 

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